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OriginalGoober - 6/25/2018 at 01:23 AM

Morning Joe': Donny Deutsch Compares Trump Voters to Nazis

‘Morning Joe’ closed out a full week covering President Trump’s policy of separating the families of undocumented migrant children at the U.S. border with a blunt rebuke to Trump voters: if you voted for Trump, you are a Nazi.

The comparison was made by the show’s longtime contributor Donny Deutsch.

“If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis going ‘you here, you here,'” he said. “And I think we now have to flip it and it’s a given, the evilness of Donald Trump. But if you vote, you can no longer separate yourself. You can’t say, well he’s okay, but, and I think that gymnastics and I think that jiu-jitsu has to happen.”

The comparison drew no rebuke on set, which has grown increasingly comfortable name-dropping 20th-century tyrants like Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot to articulate their disgust with Trump and his policies.

Earlier editions of “Morning Joe” this week said that the Trump administration was taking children “hostage” and Scarborough himself said that the president was “incarcerating” babies.

Trump ended the policy of family separation with an executive order on Wednesday, but questions remain about how currently separated families will be reunited.

Deutsch has long been one of the loosest cannons at “Morning Joe,” and his remarks about President Trump and his administration are in line with what he’s said. After the president insulted show co-host Mika Brzezinski, Deutsch was so outraged to the point where he said he would become physically violent with Trump if he saw him on the street. p-voters-nazis-124415012.html

BoytonBrother - 6/25/2018 at 01:24 AM

Who? And why is this important?

BrerRabbit - 6/25/2018 at 02:58 AM

never mind. Sometimes I am so obnoxious I bug myself, carry on.

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nebish - 6/25/2018 at 03:30 PM

Putting myself in their shoes it is easy to understand the outrage those opposed to this President continue to voice. For 20 months since the election many of these people have said just about everything there is to say to show their anger with the President and the policies brought forth. Eventually, that goes so far, how much of that can you do...on a daily basis? So they turn their cannons at the voters as a new way of expressing their same anger. In the end it doesn't mean anything what Donny Deutsch thinks. The term Nazi gets thrown around so much that it has lost it's impact. Like crying wolf too many times. Everyone who voted for Trump is a Nazi? That's a good one there Donny boy.

As a person, as the President, in terms of knowledge, or lack there of, in terms of tradition, communication, truth, decorum, working with people on different issues - there is no other way to put it...he is simply the worst President ever and it is difficult to imagine anyone in this country in his position past or future being a close second.

So you have that. Then if you are opposed to the policy positions of this administration it is a double whammy of rage and despair and commentators, or regular people following along, lash out at everything and anything that has to do with this President.

Shows like Morning Joe used to be enjoyable and informative and funny. I haven't watched it for a year or more, it is just a broken record. The same people saying the same things every day about different news stories. The only thing I have on in the morning now when I am getting ready to leave is CNBC. About the only mostly nonpolitical news I can find on cable network news TV these days.

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LeglizHemp - 6/25/2018 at 03:51 PM

I watch SpongeBob SquarePants.

allmanned - 6/25/2018 at 05:14 PM

Don't drink the COOLAIDE

nebish - 6/26/2018 at 12:16 PM

I turned it on for a few minutes this morning I just couldn't resist.

"the time for thinking that tomorrow will be ok just because yesterday was ok is over".

I can't imagine how the people on that set ever find any enjoyment in their lives when they leave work day-to-day after saying the same doomsday hyperbole over and over and over.

sckeys - 6/26/2018 at 04:52 PM

I love the SNL parody of that show.

nebish - 6/27/2018 at 02:06 AM

I love the SNL parody of that show.

Yes! I may've only seen one. The Mike facial expressions and body language. The Joe and Mika interactions...the nose bite!

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