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Sang - 6/9/2018 at 06:14 PM

Watched the first couple hours of the free stream last night of Phil Lesh. They are doing it again tonight with his 'Dead Blues' band and then tomorrow night with his Terrapin Band. What a great show - with Luther Dickinson on guitar, Cody Dickinson on drums, and Roosevelt Collier on slide guitar. The 2 female vocalists were outstanding.... and Junior Mack also played on a few songs.

Seems like lately I am into all of the Phil Lesh bands - can't believe he is still up there playing - he's 78 and can stand up there playing bass longer than I can stand up to watch.........

Do yourself a favor and try to catch tonight's show - although they don't start until 10:00 central.

I streamed from my phone to the tv, and then used a digital audio out from the tv to my stereo - so I listened to it in enhanced 7.1 surround sound ...... until my wife went to bed and I put on the headphones....... I only made it a few songs into the second set..... but it was great fun......

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Sang - 6/9/2018 at 06:17 PM

Here is last night's show on youtube:

aekdbmoid - 6/9/2018 at 08:20 PM

I fell asleep early, but enjoyed what I heard.

One of the singers, Danielle Nicole, was in Trampled Under Foot, and now she has her own band. She’s been a guest bass player for North Mississippi Allstars as well.

Phil has been great playing with these younger Friends over the last year. The band was very lively at Summer Camp. Tempos are up!

dadof2 - 6/10/2018 at 01:03 AM

Thanks for posting -I'm too tired to stay up but this is a very fine
I love Phil and see him at least 1-2 times a year-not many concerts I'm into seeing
live or on stream these days but Phil is great and his family band is first rate.
This blues band is a fun idea...

dadof2 - 6/12/2018 at 09:51 PM

Watched all 3 shows...interesting....enjoyed set 2 night 2 and night 3 best

sckeys - 6/13/2018 at 02:21 AM

The Rowan Bros are good. Thanks for posting this as it looks to be a great show.

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