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BIGV - 7/27/2017 at 10:48 PM

This track is from Gregg's "One more try" CD. I believe I recall reading the "Win, Lose or Draw" album was put together by "Pony Express" ....Two players would get in the studio and record and then send it on down the line to the next band member who would dub his part onto the master and then, send it on its way. Sounds like what he have here, pretty cool. Gregg's vocal is way too early in one part, but he keeps on singing as the tape runs....No Dickey here/yet, my guess is that his guitar was the last part added. Still, a nice little slice of ABB history..

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blackey - 7/28/2017 at 01:15 AM

Enjoyed that. That and High Falls probably are the best tracks on the album.

Capricorn was wanting an album by the ABB in 1974 and as good as Eat A Peach and Brothers and Sisters. Brothers and Sisters sold 760,000 copies the first week, was number 1 on Billboards album top 200 album chart for over a month and sold over 4 million copies which was the biggest release in Capricorn history and remains the Allman Brothers best selling album to date.

But Gregg was irritated with Butch then Dickey who sided with Butch in voting down Queen of Hearts. Berry Oakley tried to patch up things by helping Gregg do a solo album for the song. When Johnny Sandlin got involved, he convinced Gregg what they had wasn't good enough so they started over and Chuck Leavell and others were brought in. But Berry was killed before the new sessions were started. He gets a thank you credit on Laid Back. Laid Back and B & S were recorded largely at the same time. If Queen of Hearts had made B &S, Laid Back apparently wouldn't have happened and a new more inspired ABB album would have come out in 1974. Who knows if then Gregg would have met Cher What a series of events that hurt the band all because Queen of Hearts was rejected.

When 1974 rolls around Phil Waldon couldn't get the ABB to record again. Gregg wanted to tour solo again and this prompted Dickey to do a solo album. This lack of interest in the ABB just when they had become the most popular band in America irritated Butch.

Many predicted the band would break up but Phil got them to commit to doing a series of big arena shows. They did about 15 shows in the summer of 1974 playing before huge crowds but due to drugs and hurt egos the shows lacked the energy and magic of the 1973 Brothers and Sisters tour. Walden hoped it would inspire the band to get back into the studio but Dickey and Gregg were only interested in doing solo tours. An album in 1974 didn't happen.

When Capricorn finally got the guys to commit to a new album, Gregg was a day late for rehearsal. Then he refused to return to Macon and remained in LA with Cher. Dickey quit showing up too so sessions were cancelled. Suddenly Dickey shows up one night demanding he record right now. So they recorded two songs he had, Louisiana Lou and Sweet Mama but Johnny couldn't find Butch and Jaimoe and Dickey was recording now or never so they did those tracks with Bill Stewart and Johnny Sandlin on drums. Johnny had to go out to LA to capture Gregg's parts at a studio out there and Dickey added his in Macon and Chuck did the backing vocals. The anticipated follow up to Brothers and Sisters was a year late and pieced together and the band didn't seem to care Capricorn wanted another Brothers and Sisters while the band was so hot with the public nationwide.

To me, Can't Loose What You Never Had was good enough to be part of Brothers and Sisters sessions. And the band is fine on High Falls. I kept playing Win, Loose or Draw hoping it would grab me like other ABB albums but finally gave up when I talked to other hard core fans at one of the fall shows and was told most of the album is just not that good. Jaded and uninspired and that is when I found out that they couldn't get everyone excited enough about the album to record as as a band so it was pieced together at Macon and in LA. The few Win, Loose or Draw shows I saw were good I thought and it was fun hearing Chuck sing lead on Dickey's Long Time Gone from Highway Call. The album sold well the first couple of weeks then fell off sharply and failed to go Platinum. And they never had another Platinum album except for 1991s best hits release A Decade of Hits 1969-1979. It sold over 2 million. Where It All Begins was their best seller from 1989 forward. It went gold ( 500,000). Hitting the Note didn't come close to going gold. It was interesting that after 1989 the band had great ticket sales but just average new album sales. ????? You got me as to why.

nebish - 7/28/2017 at 11:45 AM

Thanks for the link...and the back ground story!

Shavian - 7/28/2017 at 03:51 PM

.....prompted Dickey to do a solo album.

The most important part of the story!

shep66 - 8/1/2017 at 12:45 AM

Thanks for the link...and the back ground story!

Guess BIGV agreed with you on this one, since he didn't correct you on your grammatical error. Lucky you.

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